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After all these weeks of 12 hour days . . . in just 3 days . .

The masts were re-stepped
She was re-christened SERENITY (after the appropriate ceremonies and rituals, of course)

The sails were put back on (thank you Barb & Pete for those extra hands!)

And we were off to her new home at Ballena Isle Marina:
Safe and sound in her new home:

Many thank yous to everyone who helped get us to this point:

Thank you Barb and Pete for spending your Sunday helping us move Serenity from Svendsen's to her new slip at Ballena Isle.

Thank you Jon Litle for spending several saturdays with us helping to remove the rigging and booms, rewire the mast (wasn't that a fun day?!), working on the engine (beautiful new exhast system Jon!) and upgrading the heater. Where would we be be without you Jon?!!

Thank you Clive for your rigging efforts - even though you were wilting in California's February sun (British whimp!)
Thank you Earl and Joel, for spending a long full day with us resetting the stanchions for the new lifelines and giving us those way too cool solar-powered fans for the heads!

We couldn't have accomplished everything we did without all of you!

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